Rantings and Opinions

It is my opinion and belief, that when one inters the house of God, aka the church or the sanctuary, you should do this a quite, respectful, and prayerful way.  This is God's house, He is not your neighbor, your buddy, or even your dad...He is your God.  Your should enter his house in a quite, respectful way...perhaps even with a little trepidation.  This is not a place for loud talking or back slapping.  This can and should be done outside or in your "fellowship" hall not in the Church.

What ever happened to good manners, common courtesy, and politeness.  I was taught (and I thought I taught my children) that when one receives a gift, one responds to the giver with some sort of thank you, whether the gift met your expectations or not.  Remember the giver was most likely thinking of you, and most like did their best to pick a gift they thought you would like and that it would give you some kind of pleasure.  To be non-responsive even when you are asked about the gift is mean and hurtful.

Be careful what you pray/ask for you just might get it.

Never pray for patience...the only way to get them is to have them tested.

Pull your pants up...no body wants to see your but crack...not even God...that's why he put it on your backside,

Did you look in a mirror before you left your house this morning, the shirt and pants you have on are really to tight? ...Are you really that proud of those rolls of fat and the jiggling when you walk?

Kids, are allowed to grow up way to fast.  Little girls should not wear heels, its bound to cause muscular and/or skeletal problems when worn before the age of 13.

Cleavage is to be shown by adults only and it is  not appropriate in the work place, church or at Wal-Mart.

My son send me pictures of his animals from time to time, and that's OK...but I like them even more if some pictures of his children were thrown in more often than not...I mean I really don't get to see them as often as I like some pictures of the kids would really be nice...

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