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Pimento Cheese
 1  lge bag  shredded Co-Jack cheese
 1  lb  Very Sharp cheddar cheese shredded
 1  lb   Rat Cheese shredded
 8 oz  cream cheese at room temp               
 12 oz  Rotel Tomatoes  chopped drained (maybe 2 if you like the heat)
 1- 4 oz  Green chilies chopped drained
 Garlic cloves 2-4 finely chopped/grated
1 or 2  4 oz jars  Pimentos' chopped drained
Mayonnaise lots, buy a qt. jar just for this.
Optional items:
1-2 Green onion finely chopped 
Scotch bonnet, serrano, or jalapeno peppers (be careful  with  these, use just a little and wear gloves to seed and devaine to decrease the heat)

I always start with a large bag of the shredded cheddar/Jack cheese, after that stroll the cheese isle looking for what sound good. All cheeses should be cold when you grate them, then allow to come to room temp before making the pimento cheese.
Mix all the ingredients together adding the mayo as you stir.  Use a little more mayo than you think is necessary, cause the cheese soaks it up and it will stiffen,  making it difficult to spread to spread after sitting in the fridge.  I think this is one of those recipes that "ripens" with  a little age, but anytime your ready, get out the Fritos and start dippin'.  Try it on a Ham sandwich or make a grill cheese or Panini....

  •  Remember not only do cheese have different flavors they have different textures.  I have used left over cheeses,  I need to get rid of, as well as the ones listed above.  I have put Mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta, Italian blend, port wine cheese, pepper jack you name it in my pimento cheese everyone loves it

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