Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec. 18, 2011, My First Blog

OK people this is my first attempt at this.  Be patient with this old lady...never thought I'd hear that coming out of my mouth...but at least I'm not as old as my husdand...LOL  How'd he get so old?

Today and the next few days I have the not pleasure, but sheer joy of spending some time with 2 of my son's daughters, Hannah age 10 and Madison age 16, or Madie as she prefers.  We are going to spend some time together cooking, shopping, laughing and enjoying this Christmas season.  I told them last night there are only 2 rules at granmaw's house:

1.   If you want to leave my yard ask before you go
2.  Just because it is in this house does not mean you can have it or eat it, ask me first.

Then this morning I realized theres one more:

3.  Keep all the doors the bedroom closed because Gigi my 12 year old mini dapple dachshund will poop or pee on the carpet given the opportunity.

I need to add another one : (

4.  Please flush the commode each time you use water bill won't go up that much....

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