Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trying something different....

Today I decided to make some meat pies.  This is a specialty dish in a Louisiana town not to far from here named Natchitoches.  I used a Tasty Kitchen recipe for my basis because  I did not have several of the items she called for in her recipe nor did I want it to be too spicy because I was expecting my grandgirls to lunch with me.  I also made a Meat Pie Sauce, which really tasted (to me) like a 1000 island dressing without the "islands".   I also added a little Chalula hot sauce to this recipe.  The main thing with this recipe was that the meat filling had to be thick and cool.  I really think I would have like it better had I made it spicier, as luck would have it I could have, the girls didn't come over. I made my own pie crust it made about 24 - 3 1/2 inch pies, 12 are now in the freezer on a cookie sheet freezing solid before I put then in a zip lock bag.  I also have about a cup and a half of left over filling in the freezer for another day.  Think next time I will make one large meat pie, use a refrigerated pie crust, maybe stir in some diced potatoes or corn.

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