Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well only a few more ....

I think she liked her Christmas gift.
Refers to a test she took
diagnosing the hole in
her heart
days of 2011  are left to live.  Whoa, that sounds a little dreadful maybe even a little morbid, that's really not how I intended it to sound.  I hear a lot of people saying how bad they thought 2011 was, but I have no complaints.  Among the many blessings I received, the life and health of my daughter was one of the best.  For those of you who do not know, on Nov. 5, my 34 year old, non-smoking, non-birth control pill taking, dieting and running 5 miles a day, daughter had a bilateral thermalic stroke.  She was non-responsive for about 18 hours and but managed to recover in about a week.  The only lasting side effect was/is a numbness on the tip of her tongue and (get this) "sweets don't taste as good as the used to."  We did how ever through the testing they did on her discover she had an undiagnosed  hole in her heart.  The doctors fixed that a couple of weeks ago, she is back at work and on the road to a full recovery.  She will be on blood thinners for a couple of months so we are keeping her away from all sharp objects, and try not to touch or poke her with any force, though her husband has threatened to poke her several times on her back to make a smiley face .  What is surprising to me is that 25% of the population is walking around with the same problem and do not know it, what's more the insurance companies will NOT pay to have it fixed unless you have a heart attack or a stroke, now does that make any sence....

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