Friday, January 6, 2012

A little under the weather...

It seem I have picked up an upper respiratory infection from some where.  I don't feel that bad but when I cough, it's like someone is ripping the hide off my throat, and my middle is so sore from the coughing.  I think I need a good bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup.  Now get this I usually do NOT like chicken noodle soup, and keep a can in the pantry only for emergencies, like when someone can't eat anything when you have a stomach know the one I'm talking about.  This recipe was a totally accident, a lady at church had told me she used flour tortillas for dumplings.  I couldn't believe they would puff up enough for me but I decided to try making chicken and dumpling using flour tortillas.  Chicken n dumpling is wasn't, but an awesome Chicken Noodle Soup it was.

Chicken Noodle Soup
If you look closely you can see the steam rising from the bowl.

1 Can cooked Chicken
4-8 cups chicken broth use water if you must to reach 6-8 cups
2 can crm of chicken soup
1 can crm of celery soup
1 Diced onion
Frozen mixed veggies
Salt and pepper
Parsley apx 2 T.
A sprinkle of poultry seasoning
Flour Tortilla cut into strips

Dump all ingredients into a soup pot except for tortillas, simmer until flavors blend, maybe an hour or longer, just watch your liquid level.  Just before serving add tortilla cook for about 10 min

This would probably be even better if made by boiling your own chicken, thus creating your own broth.

Also you could leave out the mixed veggies, use corn and maybe some black beans, add a can of Rotel tomatoes, perhaps some green chilies,  and some Mexican spices/herbs, top with grated cheese and or sour cream and you would have a really good Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Think I will make this tomorrow, I'll post a picture then.

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