Sunday, January 15, 2012

We diiiiid it, we diiiid it...

We, Allison, Sara and I got the Christmas decorations put up... all except a couple of things that need to go in the attic.  Went shopping for a new tree, my cat broke 3-4 limbs on my tree it really looks pretty sad.  I'll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, hope they have a 6-7ft skinny tree, I'll be real surprised if they do.  I think I'm ready to scale down to a table top tree, if I can figure out a place to put it.  Wonder if I could get a good buy on line...

Stopped by our Brookshire's Fresh on the way home, picked up a couple of salads for the girls and I for supper.  I had their fresh pasta, mozzarella tomato salad for supper last night, it was really good, looking forward to tonight's meal with the girls.

Tomorrow we will be going to the clinic, we have about 3 patients due in, should be a nice day.

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  1. Dinner was excellent mom! I loooove you!