Sunday, March 18, 2012

Planning a family get together...

This can be a real pain in the "duffas", especially with 5 + families trying to get together.  Each family has its on set of rules and or lifestyles:  morally, ethically, logistically, and financially that they need to abide by.  But I believe with all my heart, all of these can be dealt with and overcome with a little love, sharing and caring.  And if individual prides, egos, and fears are set aside.

To begin with I will offer my home as a free place to stay to any of my family who may be having money problems.  I have a full size and a twin size bed that is available, I also have a couple of air-mattresses and even a tent that we can set up in the back yard.  In fact I can get my hands on a few more  mattress and another tent if need be.  So any of my family that wants to be here, you have a place to stay.  You know how to contact me or you know someone who does.  OK so now I have given you who may have a financial problem with the trip a way around it.  As for the other concerns I don't know how to help, except that a phone call to me or to someone else might help you come up with a plan.  All I can say now is any of you who do not/cannot come, you will be sorely missed.

Remember these:
Summer 1977
Summer 1986

Summer 1986

Summer 1992
Daddy's birthday

Weren't they wonderful, let's keep building memories like these!

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