Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last weekend was awesome...this weekend not much happening

Miss Kitty's on Lake Palestine

 I had a wonderful time last weekend with my brothers and their wives at our family reunion.  Dena (Jay's wife, he passed on several years back), Mike and Donna, Rachel and her new husband and 2 boys came by for a visit on Saturday, Billy Joe and Mari Ann their son Jimmy, Tommy and Kathleen,  Rusty and my daughter Mari Ann and her 2 girls, as well as Andy who may as well be a brother of mine and a new family friend Heather were all there.  I really missed the people that could not be there, my son and his family, Katie Sue, Amy and her family, Jason and his family along with other children, grandchildren of my brother's.  I do so hope and pray those that couldn't be here this year will make a special effort to be with us  at Huntsville State Lake, in the spring of 2013.  I'm hoping for March or April (perfect camping weather) we are going to, have to, work around my sea faring kin Tommy and Jimmy so they can be there.

You should have heard the roar as most of them arrived, 7 Harley Davidsons and a vintage cherry red Corvette as they rolled into the driveway... the sound of thunder comes to mind.  We shared alot of memories, fun, good food and love this weekend. Here are a few of the pictures that were taken.

Team 2 , Saturday night good eats.

Mari Ann, Shawn, Allison and Sara (behind the cup).

She wanted to ride soooo bad, but she's too little
Billy Joe, you better keep an eye on her!  She ready to ride...

Posing with their rides.
A little family game time...
This is going to be a nice quite weekend.  Nothing special on the agenda, just going to do what ever floats my boat so to speak.  I have already made a batch of cookies.  I found a recipe on Tasty Kitchen for Lemonade Cookies, that I wanted to try... I didn't have any lemon, but I did have 1 lime and 1 orange.  So I started cooking.  I made the cookie dough as directed except I did not put the juice or the peel in the dough until I had divided the dough in half, then I put the lime in 1 half of the dough and the orange in the other half,  Then I shaped the dough into logs on plastic wrap and but it in the refrig.  I was thinking I do this just for an hour or so to make the dough easier to slice and handle, but it turned into an over night cooling session.  This morning I got up and baked the cookies as directed and made the frosting.  As ususl I made a few changes in the recipe, the frosting calls for water and of course lemon juice, but since I don't have any lemon juice I made the frosting with milk,  and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. Everything else I did the same, then I divided that in half (a little less than 1/2 C each) added some lime peel  and green food color to one and orange peel and I tried to make orange by using red and yellow food color (it's more peach colored than orange, but it looks OK). And they taste really good, hope the girls like them.

I'm planning on crockpoting a roast for Sunday Dinner, probably the A La Onion Soup recipe, with some mashed potatoes, some salad (got some lettuce that needs to be eaten and probably some rolls.  Wish ya'll could be here.

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